Carte Blanche bitstream for the enhanced Apple //e.

This file (cb1r2.bit)  is a modification of the bitstream that shipped with the Carte Blanche card.  The vast majority of the code remains the same as that written by Alex Freed and/or Steve Howell.  It also contains the modification by RedskullDC to remove an artifact from the HGR screen.  It does not use the latest changes in the cb1.v, mem_z80.v and vga_video.v as they are incompatible with changes I have made to vga_video.v.  

The Good:

MouseText has been added to the font.  This is the so called running man version which is the same as on my Apple //e.

Fixed the 80 column text mode so that it displays 80 columns (was displaying 79).

Fixed 80 column display in mixed mode (not all characters were being displayed).

Fixed HGR when displayed from a program running in 80 column mode (image was scrambled).

Added color text, background and border mode similar to that on the Apple IIgs.

Patch to stop the ProDOS BYE command from hanging the Apple II when the jumper was removed from the IDE connector.

The Bad:

Adding MouseText takes all the remaining available RAM on the FPGA (not the SRAM on the card).

The text part of mixed mode displays for lores graphics (both 40 & 80 column) and hires (80 column mode) still have minor artifacts.

Hires with 80 column mode looks slightly different than with 40 column mode.

Still no Double Hires :-(

There has been very little testing of this modified bitstream and it has never been tested with a mouse card or any other card that generates interrupts. 

About the new color text mode:

This is much like the mode available on the Apple IIgs except it won't survive a shut down since there is no battery backup RAM and you can't programmatically determine what colors are set.  The 16 colors are the same as used on the IIgs and can be POKED into the same locations as used on the IIgs.  I have included a disk image with the bitstream (colrctrl.nib) which can be added to the SD card.  When booted it runs a control that allows you to set the colors.

Screen Shots (click to enlarge):


40 column MouseText            80 column MouseText              Appleworks 2.0               Text Color Control

To see a (VGA video only) modification that allows Super High Resolution graphics on an Apple //e click here

Last modified June 1, 2013