Fishwings is a Windows utility for viewing files (and their properties) on Apple ][ disk images. You can also export files between the disk image and Windows and import files from Windows into ProDOS disk images. Within a ProDOS image, files can be copied, deleted or renamed (including file type and access). New folders can also be created and new disk images can be created. There are also functions for viewing the disk image on a lower level. Included with FishWings is a font that mimics an Apple //e 80 column text character set.

The download file is about 184k bytes and must be unzipped.

Note: FishWings is untested and is distributed "AS IS".

FishWings is a copyrighted licensed program that is free. You must read and agree with the license (included in the down load file) to use FishWings.

Below is a screen shot of the FishWings program window. The left side of the window contains the "tree view" of a disk image and the right side shows the selected file displayed.



 Apple and ProDOS are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

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