WASP is a Windows XP based Applesoft programming tool.  It is designed to work  in conjunction with AppleWin ( versions or later ).  AppleWin is an Apple //e emulator for Windows. With WASP you can write Applesoft programs from scratch or load them from Apple DOS 3.3 or ProDOS disk images.  WASP has standard editing functions as well as optional syntax color highlighting, a function to remove spaces from a line of code and the ability to enter control characters.  When combined with AppleWin, WASP lets you run your program with just a click of a button.  WASP also lets you save your Applesoft program to either your Windows drive as a text file, rich text file or to a disk image ( through AppleWin ).   You can also do simple file functions such as LOCK / UNLOCK, RENAME, DELETE and Set the Prefix from within WASP.  Another feature is the ability to set up scripted commands ( similar to Applesoft immediate mode ) that can be sent by clicking a menu item or with an accelerator key.  You can also add your favorite utility programs to a menu in WASP and optionally have them run automatically when you start WASP. 

Included with WASP is documentation and a font ( A2like.ttf ) that mimics an Apple //e 80 column text character set.

The download file is about 330k bytes and must be unzipped.

Note: WASP is untested and is distributed "AS IS".  Below is a screen shot of the WASP program window.